Dani | San Francisco Workshop

“I’m from ny, I’ve never been to the west coast but I figured the boys bday was a good enough reason.
I was sitting in the workshop trying to be ok but when he walked in front of me I fell apart lol since then I kinda I was on his radar. Walking into the after party I saw him in the hallway signing autographs so I asked him for one & that started a playful argument (which I didn’t know was playful at the time) he pushed me in the room and was like get your ass in there. So for the first half of the party I was pouting lol
He walked up to me later & I said ‘do you have time for me now?” He signed my shirt &I went to turn around so we can take a pic & he grabbed me. I completely froze like a dork.

He let me go when he thought the guy behind me was my husband. When they guy told him he wasn’t he came back.
He picked with me the rest of the night.It was a lot of fun! Best weekend ever!!I saw him again in atl in april &he remembered me 😊”