Auburn| San Francisco Workshop

The Mint Lounge, AZ. 02/05/2016

Well first off, the club is overly packed and I’m chilling with Cici and a couple of other LT ladies that’d shown up. We’re occupying a second of the DJ and VIP center just waiting for them to show up. I’m starting to get a little nervous and I’m also a little upset because they’re not here yet. I figure that they’re going to be making their usual fashionably late entrances so my eyes are locked on the front entrance, the back entrance and an unopened door. My back is facing the VIP section and just mingling with the other girls, one of the girls immediately starts getting hyped up and I turn around to see those familiar side profiles sneaking in through the kitchen entry. Overall I’m in complete shock and feeling myself a little bit, Timbaland starts taking over the DJ booth and getting the crowd hyped. All my attention is focused on the twins, mostly Laurent because…well, he’s an eye grabber. Halfway somehow, I ended up sitting literately NEAR the VIP section with Eleni behind me and Larry to the left. Laurent is walking back and forth on the little ledge where I’m sitting (This was after they broke down into a freestyle on the bar.) Suddenly, the lights above us cut on and I feel like I’m looking at heaven’s gate because the light is so bright at first. Taking this opportunity I started snapping pictures and getting video as much as possible. Next thing I know..bam! I come face to face with Lau’s butt literately a few inches away and all I’m thinking is “I want to grab it..I want to touch it..I want to mold it in my hands..”
While I wasn’t looking at Lau, Larry’s chilling in the VIP section trying to cool off and he’s making convo with other people. At one point I’m able to hear him utter a few sentences in French to Lau, which makes me forget that they are Parisan (sp?) men since they’re talking in English a little bit more.
Sadly, the event ends and I’m determined to get a picture with one of the guys so I’m just sitting casually on the bar ledge. A guy from VIP comments about how hyped I looked on the dance floor and that’s when Laurent oh so kindly takes my camera and snaps a picture of us. He quickly does so and for a minute, takes my hand in his (I can’t remember if I was smiling, it’s all a blur.)Mind you, a security guard is standing waiting to escort me off the bar area and also mind you, I also had a couple of confidence drinks. The twins leave, I’m on cloud 9, and me and Cici decide to head out as well.
So that’s basically the story of how I got to party with Laurent and Larry.