Eleven Paris settles Lawsuit and now Les Twins clothing line is gone?

Eleven-Paris-Campagne-Automne-Hiver-2015-3According to news outlets, Eleven Paris has settled the lawsuit brought against them by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams for using their likenesses on products without authorization. The settlement happened at the very end of last year, but just last week the “capsule” Les Twins collection of clothing disappeared from their online store. It’s unknown if they are still selling the pieces retail.

It’s not clear if the settlement and the disappearance of the Les Twins line are connected. Eleven Paris are still using images of LT on their US/Canadian site. But speaking as someone who literally had two pieces in her shopping cart ready to be purchased next payday and now can’t, this is super disappointing.

*EDIT (12 hours later: Guess who just found a few straggler items left on amazon and bought them up! me :]

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