Fanart Friday | _A.r.i.e.l._


Ariel is an accomplished artist with talents in a wide range of styles. Watercolors, pencils, pens, digital, and even fire! Her work is recognizable in it’s diversity and precision.

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LTC Interview:

LTC: How long have you been doing art, and do you consider yourself a professional artist or a hobbyist?

A: Since I was little child. I’m a hobbyist.

LTC: Do you stick to one style, or do you have several styles that you like to do?

A: I’m a person who gets bored enough quickly, so I like to try more styles and different media.

LTC: Which is your favorite style and which do you think you are best at?

A: Pencils and lately i discovered a new style by burning the paper with a candle.


LTC: What tools do you typically use to make your art?

A: Pencils, brushes, candles, my hands =)

LTC: On average, how long does it take you to finish a piece?

A: It depends by the difficulty of the drawing, the media , my patience,my mood .. For example a good pencil portrait made by me can take from 4 hours to 3 days.

LTC: When did you discover Les Twins?

A: January 2015

LTC: What is your favorite part of creating LT art? What is the most challenging?

A: Well, i like to draw their dance poses, or their beauty or their expressions … Lau’s face is more difficult to me to draw, than Larry’s. I have no idea why.

LTC: What do you think is your most popular piece of LT art?

A: I think the one they repost [most] on their Instagram profiles: “We know the power that we have together”.

LTC: What is your favorite piece?

A: My first drawings of them that I made when I just discovered them wich is the one that represents them controlled by the music who goes through the Lau’s ears and ends into Larry’s heart. Another favorite fanart is my first Larry’s digital portrait (and Larry commented on that one. 😊)