Fanart Friday | Emperor Octavius


Emperor Octavius is an artist from Colorado in the US who does amazing things with watercolors. The first time I saw one of his pieces I was stunned by the vibrant colors which I wasn’t used to seeing in watercolor paintings. The same saturated gorgeous colors are used in his digital pieces too. Add that to his fantastic drawing style and it makes some of my favorite work in the whole LT fanart community. I even bought a piece for myself (i hope to buy more! ;] )

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LTC: How long have you been doing art, and do you consider yourself a professional artist or a hobbyist?

EO: I guess I would say I started pretty young, five or six. Drawing gruesome depictions of animal attacks. I’ve always had some fascination with gore. I didn’t start to get serious until I was 12, when I started piecing together an original comic. Many of the adults around me we encouraging of my more traditional work but the cartoons and comics not so much. Haha. By highschool I was drawing non stop. I credit most of my improvement to that. I dream of being a professional artist, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills. So I’m a hobbyist by default these days.

LTC: Do you stick to one style, or do you have several styles that you like to do?

EO: I have two styles i suppose. One being realistic the other being cartoony. I been trying not to make them so exclusive to each other, to let the styles mix as they please.

LTC: Which is your favorite style and which do you think you are best at?

EO: Cartoons are so much more eye catching in my opinion. they’re vivid and can show things you would never see in real life. I don’t know if I’m any better at it then realism but it’s much more fun to draw.

LTC: What tools do you typically use to make your art?

EO: I always have a sketch book handy and just use pencil for that. When I had a working computer I worked almost exclusively with digital programs. A bamboo tablet and paint tool SAI. Played with Photoshop as well. But these days I don’t have access to a computer so Ive gone traditional with water color, street chalk, spray paint, ink and acrylic. Nothing expensive just generics.

LTC: On average, how long does it take you to finish a piece?

EO: I don’t like to stop in the midst of a project, which is reckless I suppose. If I go none stop maybe 6 or 7 hours. If I’m being responsible with my energy then it’s 2 days.

LTC: When did you discover Les Twins?

EO: A little over a year ago. I like to watch freestyle battles on YouTube and I just happened to come across them when watching some uploads of Juste Debout, Japan. I’m still really surprised it took me this long to find out about them.

LTC: What is your favorite part of creating LT art? What is the most challenging?

EO: The hardest part of drawing fan art of Lt, in my opinion, is creating something I feel lives u past what it was inspired by. It’s hard to make art of something that is already so amazing in your eyes. I feel like there are lots of things I can’t remake with my art because it will never be as good as the original thing. So I’m always working to make something fresher then what inspired it. Something that people haven’t seen before and can appreciate without needing to compare it to the twins themselves. My favorite part? Drawing their facial expressions I suppose. Haha.

LTC: What do you think is your most popular piece of LT art?

EO: I would assume with is my most popular drawing, it was my first official foot into the fanart community. I was beyond surprised by the amount of love I received.

LTC: What is your favorite piece?

EO: To date, this piece is my favorite. The colors came out bold, all the lines are crisp and exactly where I want them.