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Malin, aka viirvla, is an artist from Sweden who does fantastic pencil drawings. I really love her command of shadows and light. She was gracious enough to let us interview her for Fanart Friday, so here it is!



LTC: How long have you been doing art, and do you consider yourself a professional artist or a hobbyist?

V: I consider my self a hobbyist. I’ve had an interest in drawing since I was a kid, but I became more serious with my creations about ten years ago. Since then I’ve been drawing periodically.

LTC: Do you stick to one style, or do you have several styles that you like to do?

V: I draw in a more realistic style, but I have also drawn a lot of manga; both my own designs and already existing characters.

LTC: If so which is your favorite style and which do you think you are best at?

V: I prefer the more realistic style; to draw real-life people. I basically become compelled to draw someone when they inspire me. It’s hard to say which I’m better at since the styles are so completely different though.

LTC: What tools do you typically use to make your art?

V: Just a regular pencil, sometimes two different kinds. The ruler and eraser close at hand as well. When I drew manga I also used coloured pencils and black ink pens.

LTC: On average, how long does it take you to finish a piece?

V: It depends a lot on how big or detailed I make the drawing, but it takes hours, usually spread out over days. Lately I’ve wanted to draw so many different images I’m actually going back and forth between drawings.

LTC: When did you discover Les Twins?

V: In December last year (2015). I stumbled upon the “Les Twins on London Beyoncé tour“-video by Yak Films and completely fell in love. I was immediately intrigued by Larry’s dance style in particular. I didn’t know that Larry was Larry back then though, and I actually wrote about that video in the blog I had back then: “I don’t know who is whom yet, but it kinda is unreal when he who wears all black starts.” Then Larry became my muse.

LTC: What is your favorite part of creating LT art? What is the most challenging?

V: Probably the feeling of love. I always draw with my emotions, but no matter what feeling I’m having at the moment, the feeling of love is always dominant. Both to drawing and to the boys.
If I’m to be technical though I prefer to draw Larry partly because of the way he dresses, his clothing-style speaks to me and is really fun to draw. Their hair is a bit of a challenge and takes a lot of focus and attention to detail.

LTC: What do you think is your most popular piece of LT art?

V: I believe it’s either the one I call “Hug” or the one I call “Larry”. Those were the first two I ever did of them.


LTC: What is your favorite piece (if it’s different from the one above)?

V: I like “Larry” as well. I was angry when I drew that, which turned out to work quite well, haha. Then I really like the one I call “Shadow2”. That one was a lot harder than it might look, and you can see I lost focus a bit doing the background, but overall I like how it turned out after all that work.



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    I love the art Viirlva!!! Great interview too.

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