The Truth: Waydi and Rochka were Robbed at Juste Debout 2016

I tuned in live to see the finals of Juste Debout Paris 2016 on March 5th so I could see Waydi and Rochka kill it and win the title for best Hip Hop dancers in the flipping world, BUT NO. I was shocked, they were not in the final, and in their place were two teams who were both really good, but just not quite as good as the Criminalz in my opinion. And i don’t think i’m the only one. People are starting to talk amongst themselves about how Waydi and Rochka didn’t make it passed the Semi Finals. Especially after seeing these videos of their earlier rounds and how on fire they were.

See and judge for yourself:

Here’s the final:

(This is the best video of it i’ve found so far, will replace with a better one later)