How To Differentiate Larry & Laurent?

Even though they’re twins, there are some big differences between them. Their personalities are very different, not to say opposite, their dancing style is as well, the way they dress, and also some details of their physical appearance. It’s difficult for everybody to see the differences in the beginning but after a little while you’ll be able to notice these things I’m going to point out and recognize them right away.

~ Hopefully my tips will help you! ~ 


First, as the YAK Films guys (who have been working with Les Twins since the beginning and who provide excellent videos of Les Twins) would say:

“Larry tends to be a lot more sharp and technical, showing you each part of the music. And Laurent tends to be the one who has a lot of technique too but also likes to become wild and let loose“.

Larry’s style is mostly focused on his amazing footwork, and his moves catch every single beat of the music, while Laurent uses more parts of his body. They both have very unique styles but Laurent is the one who mixes more different genres. His dancing style is totally out of control basically, on the contrary of Larry who has a very controlled style.

Videos: 1. LES TWINS | Beats By Dr .Dre – Commercial and Behind The Scenes 2. LES TWINS vs KNUCKLE NECK TRIBE | City Dance Live | Battle at SF Jazz


  • The kind of songs they dance to:

Larry: He can be described as the most “gangsta” one, as Laurent once said. He has a more aggressive dancing style. We can tell by the songs he chooses to dance to during the World Of Dance performances solos for example.

Here’s one of these solos that illustrates it (Les Twins | FRONTROW | World of Dance Las Vegas 2014 #WODVEGAS):

Song: Missy Elliott – Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranda Remix)

Laurent: The songs he dances to tend to be more “artistic”, melodious and intense somehow. That type of songs allows him to express his very intense way to feel the music.

Now, it’s Laurent’s turn:

Song: Mr. Carmack – Another Intrepidity (Feat. Evil Needle)

Talking about performances on stage, Larry is always at the right side of Laurent during choreographs. So in the videos, Larry is always at the left side of your screen, it helps!



Larry (at right) usually has the biggest afro. They used to have more similar afros back in the days but Laurent’s one got smaller recently. Still rocking the ‘fro though. You can also easily differentiate them thanks to the color of their hair. Larry’s hair is darker than Laurent’s.

Comparaison Afro

Larry (still at right) is also the one who have twists more often than Lau, so if one of them has a cap/beanie, it’s probably Larry.

Larry twists

But recently Laurent gave up the afro for a while and showed up with longer twists. Larry always appears with natural twists, so if you see longer twists:

That’s Laurent.

Laurent Twists long

If one of them is smiling on pictures, there are a lot of chances for him to be Larry. Also, he has bunny teeth, that’s another way to recognize him.

Here is Larry’s adorable smile:

Sourire Larry


Larry used to love wearing jerseys pretty much all the time but since a couple of years we don’t really see them anymore.


A very easy tip to differentiate them is their tattoos, they both have sleeves. Laurent’s one is on his left arm and Larry on his right.

The jewelry can help too. Laurent often appeared with a very big black bracelet in pearls on his right wrist. Also, they both wear necklaces. If you see a big black and white necklace like the one in the middle picture, it’s Laurent and Larry has a black one, you can see it in that same pic.

Bracelet et collier

Now normally, if I did my job well, you should be able to differentiate them!

Written by: Karen (LBF Channel)


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