Janine | Camden, New Jersey Workshop

“It was Easter Sunday in Camden NJ @stopdropdance hosted Les Twins for I believe the very 1st time. I was by myself and nervous as hell. I got into the VIP line. I paid for the Meet and greet not sure what would happen. We were given a gift bag with a tee shirt and water and picture of the guys. We were taken to a room and we did Not wait long. They walked in and I died!! So Gorgeous & tall I started taping right away. They spoke primarily to the LT Vets before they turned to the rest of us. Okay so they took pictures with the fans. Then it was my turn. I gave my phone to one of the organizers to take my picture and she took several. Larry took my hand and said hey mommy. He really liked my sneakers and he had me do a slow turn he liked my top. Laurent put his arm around me and asked me if I was going to dance. I said ahhh and he said No your not. I thought well damn.They had a conversation Over my head, about what, I could not say, but I was in Heaven. So we finally posed for the picture. When I went leave Larry told me he was sorry for talking about my clothes, that the way I was dressed reminded him of his mother. I wanted to hug him, but instead I let him know that I was honored and happy that I reminded him of his mom. That was my first time experience in meeting them and I will NEVER forget it.”