LBF Channel meeting Les Twins 1: workshop in Zurich!


I’ve been a Les Twins fan for over 5 years now but I couldn’t find an occasion to meet them, but from what you can read by the title, it changed:
I finally saw them!
A friend, Mélanie (who recently became a fellow Les Twins fan because well, I can’t stop talking about them so it had to happen) and I heard about them going to Switzerland and Germany for a few days. Since we live right next to these countries, it was the perfect occasion! So we bought our bus/train tickets, aaand the workshop’s ticket. It was official: We were going!


We arrived in Zurich at around 10:45 and we had to be in front of the building at 12:00. We were 100% lost in the beginning so it took us some time to find the right way but I don’t know by what miracle we did it but we weren’t late and arrived at 11:45 and even got to be at the front of the line.

ANYWAY. We got into the room, and it was huuuuge so there were many people. Les Twins were obviously late, so people formed a circle and a little cypher started while waiting for them to come, that was very cool. I recorded most of it but I quickly realized I wouldn’t have enough space on my phone to record the workshop so I had to delete all of it, ugh.

And theeeen, Les Twins have been announced on the mic and it was crazy. I couldn’t believe they were in the same room as me, that close. They’re obviously just humans but when you see them for the first time, it seems unreal because I saw them in so many videos, and now they were right in front of me… That was insane.
They’re pretty intimidating at first, because well, they’re incredibly talented and famous, super tall (and hot yes), they really have charisma, but they’re so nice, cute and funny that you forget that quite quickly. I mean, they still are intimidating but you feel how friendly they are.

I went as a spectator so I could record and not miss anything, since I didn’t know if somebody would make some good footages of this day, so I decided to do it myself and do my best to have reasonable quality! And also because I’m not a dancer and didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of them heh.
I was standing right in front of Larry while he was teaching his choreography to the song “Diamond Freestyle Pt 3” by Tre Capital, which I looove so it couldn’t have been better, I knew this was gonna be good, and it was, the choreography was very cool.

Sadly, I didn’t get to record Laurent teaching because as I said, the room was huge so it was impossible to record both at the same time… 🙁 I couldn’t see him most of the time but gosh, I could hear him haha His crazy self couldn’t stop screaming, as he always do to teach his moves, that was funny.
I did get to capture that one moment of Laurent teaching at the end of the class before he shows the final result though!

Larry’s and Laurent’s groups showed the final result of the choregraphies, and they were great, there were some very talented dancers.

Larry’s group:

Laurent’s group:

Then arrived the time of the freestyles! I was mostly excited to see this. I’ve been told their moves were even more impressive when they’re in front of you and damn, I can confirm! I was in awe the whole time. Les Twins freestyling is breathtaking, so much talent.
They were driving the crowd crazy!

Unfortunately, there was no Meet & Greet. From what i’ve been told, the room had to be used for a musical event after the workshop, and also they had to leave to prepare their performance taking place in a stadium of Zurich for the Urban Dance Competition, so they left right after the freestyles so I didn’t get to talk to them or take a picture with them. But oh well, I was so happy I saw them that I wasn’t even that sad about it, I finally saw Les Twins!


Workshop in Zurich

My recap video for more footages:


2 thoughts on “LBF Channel meeting Les Twins 1: workshop in Zurich!

  • May 4, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Karen although they didnt have a meet and greet I Know YOU were so Happy to finally See Larry and Laurent!!!!!!! I am so Happy for you…..I bet Its a Memory You will Cherish for a Lifetime 🙂 Who Knows…..This may BE The First…But Not Necessarily The Last!!! 😉 Thanks for sharing Your experience 😀

  • May 15, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    This was so amazing! Just to be in the same room with them would have been unbelievable. . This is the perfect page to share your experience .. so envious of you, thank you for sharing this 😊😊

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