LBF Channel Meeting Les Twins 2: Workshop in Germany

I’m posting this very late since it happened almost 5 months ago but I thought you guys might want to know more details about my first time talking to our favorite twins!

Not even 6 months ago I thought I would never meet Les Twins, but I’ve been lucky this year! As you may know, I saw them for the first time in Zurich, Switzerland, on April 30th. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, but lucky me: Les Twins were back close to where I live 2 weeks later on April 14th! So 3 other fans and I decided to go.

I took the train to go join my friends who then picked me up to continue the trip in car. After about 4-5 hours we arrived at the hotel. We didn’t stay long, just the time to leave our luggage there and then: workshop!

The workshop took place at a gymnasium. We sat down while waiting for them, but then things got scary: one of the organizers seemed worried and ended up talking to all of us and since it was in German and I can’t understand it, all I could see was people’s reaction like “OMG NOOO”, and then a French guy who was there explained to my friends and I that this guy was saying Les Twins might not come at all… They were already talking about giving us our money back, oh god… BUT then that same guy came back with a smile and said they were on the way, YAAASSSS!

After about 2 hours and a half of wait, fiiinally they showed up ♥ It’s so amazing to see them enter a room. These guys are the definition of charisma. You only see them in a room, with their 6’4 of beauty and talent hehe.
I went as a spectator and a friend and I went right in front of them, and riiight in the middle so during the warm up I had whether Larry or Laurent literally in front of me just a few feets away, sooo cool! And during the actual class (with 2 separated groups) I could see both, which was cool since last time in Switzerland the room was so big that I couldn’t see both.
As usual, the choreography was great, and as usual they were very funny. You pay for a workshop but you also pay for a comedy show honestly haha.

Then, freestyles! I was so excited to see them freestyle. That’s what I love the most. My friends and I almost had chills by looking at them. They’re so impressive to see because of how talented they are obviously but you can feel how intense they are, you can tell they’re really into it and that’s beautiful to see, and it’s crazy how everything they do is always on beat.

For the first time I had the occasion to take a picture with them but I was so stressed. Not even 20 seconds before going I was telling my friends “Uhhh no I’m fine, I don’t like pictuuuures” because once again I was intimidated. This time I really had the occasion to talk to them alone so I was scared idk. But I did go without reflecting. I said a shy “Bonjouuuur” and they replied back with a same shy tone aww. I sat next to them, the picture was taken and I simply said “Thank you” and left aaaand then I hated myself for like 10 minutes haha First because I didn’t dare to give them a small gift I had for them. It was nothing, just candies but I knew they loved the ones I brought so oh well! But I didn’t know if I had enough time since people were waiting after me to take a picture too so I hurried up BECAUSE I’M STUPID. BUT now I think about it that’s actually a good thing because it gave me an excuse to go talk to them alone later when they walk by me. So after the pictures, as planned they walked by me so I tried to be brave for once and go in front of Larry. I put my hand like “STOOOP” and gave him a bag of marshmallow and some other candies and his reaction was so adorable, jesussss. He looked like a child, he clapped his hand by saying in French “OHHH T’AS EMMENÉ DES CHAMALLOOOOWS!” (“you brought marshmallooows!!”) and gave me a little hug aww.

Then I was waiting for Laurent who was talking to someone else. A friend then told me “I’m going to tell Larry who you are” and I didn’t want AT ALL, I almost threatened her haha I was really worried about what his reaction would be. To me, there were 2 options. 1. He doesn’t see what channel it is and it’s just gonna be embarrassing. 2. He recognizes my channel and just says like “Oh lol okay cool” which would have been disappointing so my little brain thought it was better to not say anything. I was still waiting for Laurent, he was finally alone so I got to give him his candies bag too but at the same second Larry ran at me by saying “C’EST VRAI C’EST TOOOOI?” (“Really it’s youuu?”), I almost want to cry every time I think about it haha gosh #fangirl. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was Larry happy to see me as if he was waiting for it, it’s insaaane for me. I was 50% crying at that moment, I was trying really hard not to cry like a baby BUT THEN while hugging me he said “Merci pour tout le soutien même dans les moments difficiles” (“Thanks for the support even during hard times”). With that sentence I think he was referring to a “Cheer up” video I made for him after he went through something that hurt him a few months earlier. AND THEN I cried like a baby. Well no actually, I looked like I had just won an Oscar actually, like “I MADE IT, it’s happening”. After that it’s a bit blurred in my mind, I just remember myself in his arms while he was talking to my friends. And after that he put his arm on my shoulder and asked “Eh, are you coming tonight?” (there was a performance in a club planned that same night). So I said yes and he replied “Okay alors toi tu viens en VIP à ma table ce soir” (“Okay so you’re coming at my VIP table tonight”) omggggg. I’ll always remember that sentence, I couldn’t believe it. Then he asked his very intimidating body guard to come so he can remember me to let me get in the VIP section. So he awkwardly stared at me and then asked for my name and age. I could see Larry was looking at me when I was giving him these information as if he was interested in knowing more about me aww… He gave me a last hug and told me “See you tonight okay?” and left to play basketball with Roy and Laurent! AND THEEEN I cried like a baby once I was with my friends. Before I continue here are some pictures below 🙂

Workshop Saarbrucken

We left the workshop at around 12:30am and went back to the hotel to get ready for the club. We were worried to arrive too late at the club since we only got there at around 02:00am but they only showed up at nearly 4am so we were good haha We were starting to think they wouldn’t come at all but aaamen they were here! They made dancers go on stage, one of my friends included, and then they danced for about 30 minutes I’d say. I recorded everything, I’ll put a link to the playlist of my footages at the end of the article.

Then they left the stage to go to the VIP section. At first my friends and I couldn’t find where it was, we saw them leave by a door at the bottom of the club but it was really just next to the stage and they were here, I don’t know by what magical process they got there since we didn’t see them but oh well! There were many people in front of it with a few body guards but not the one who knew me, so I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to go. I had prepared myself psychologically for me not to be able to go haha but still I was starting to be like “Meh…too bad”, and suddenly a hand grabbed my arm so hard it almost hurt me (body guards tenderness) and it was him, the scary bodyguard hehe! Before I had the time to realize what was happening, I ended up in the middle of the VIP section and the first thing I saw was Larry at the bottom of the space with a friend on a couch and just when I thought Larry couldn’t be more adorable, when he saw me he said “AAAAAHH” and opened his arms so I give him a hug! I thought he wanted to invite me to just give me a hug and then tell me to make myself comfortable alone but he made me sit next to him and talked to me and omg, so sweet. He was looking at me straight in the eyes while holding my hands or touching my knees, whaaat?! Then his bodyguard went to ask me what I wanted to drink but I couldn’t understand because of the noise and his accent so Larry told him “ELLE PARLE FRANCAIS” (“she speaks french!”) and I don’t know why but I thought it was cute he was speaking on my behalf haha idk, anyway he was asking me what I wanted to drink and bring it to me. The peasant that I am was like “wait is this free” since I’m not used to being a VIP haha anyway, then I hated myself again because I made the dumbest thing ever. I embarrassed myself OF COURSE. Larry wanted us to clink glasses and I was so confused by all that was happening that I freaking asked “is it for me too?”, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, and he smiled by looking at me like “giiiirl…” hahaha ♥ Anyway, then we talked a bit, I told him that I was feeling like I was in a dream, that I had been waiting to meet them for 5 years, things like that. Then he left to go to dance a bit more next to the stairs.

Since I was alone after he left, I went to the other side of the room to get closer to my friends who were downstairs and talk to them, and then they got to get in as well yaaay, so I was with my friends in a VIP room I was invited in by Larry and with Laurent at our right side next to our table, THAT WAS PLEASANT. Then at around 5:45am I could see they were going to leave, and I couldn’t see Larry so I thought he had left already and I was starting to be sad not to see him again BUT GUESS WHO CAME BACK. He got in and first looked at the left side of the room, where I was when he left me and then at right and when he saw me he smiled like “Theeere you are”. And now… There was a table between us so he just touched my hand that was on the table, then he held it, and then he kissed it, omgggg. I really feel like I lived in a fan fiction, for real. That was my most beautiful night, hands up!

My friends and I left the club at 6:15am and we were supposed to sleep before going back on the road to go home but HOW DO YOU SLEEP AFTER THAT? Answer: you don’t. I was explaining to some fans what happened so I was crying everytime someone else was asking me how it was etc so basically I cried most of the morning haha and eventually slept maybe 1-2 hours and since then every time I think about it I still have trouble to realize it happened!

Sorry that was very long, I hope you enjoyed reading my Les Twins adventure hehe 🙂

Here’s the playlist of my footages:


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  • October 1, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    karen everytime I read it it makes me want to cry for you…it sounds like a dream come True I am so Glad You met Them..I love your Utube Channel…and You seem like such a great and don to earth Person…..and You Know what???YOU will meet them again 😉

    • October 21, 2016 at 7:42 am

      Aww thanks sweetie! <3

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