LBF Channel Meeting Les Twins 4: Kiss Club in Kehl, Germany

I live in the East of France, near the German border and Les Twins were performing in a German club in Kehl which is 1 hour and a half away from my city so obviously I didn’t miss that chance hehe. I first went to Strasbourg, a pretty big French city 5 minutes away from the club, to spend the day there before going to the club.

I took the train with one of my best friends, Marthe, to go to Strasbourg and we arrived at around 4pm and then joined 2 other Les Twins fans I know from Instagram. Before meeting them, one of them called me and told me that they thought they knew at what hotel Larry & Laurent were staying, and that it was right next to theirs! 😮 So, we FREAKED OUT. My friend and I got there and right away they showed us that hotel, we were standing there talking about how it would be awesome to see them in the city and my friend, who’s not a Les Twins fan, told us “Eh, isn’t he one of them?”, and that was LARRY, crossing the street to go back to his hotel aaaaaaah! It took us a few seconds to actually believe it, and by the time we accept the idea it’s him, he was already in the hotel and we didn’t want to RUN after him and get in too, we’re fangirls but not that much haha But he looked in our direction before going to the hotel, I’m pretty sure he knew we were fans heh. SO, it started pretty damn well!

The girls and I visited the city a little bit, went to the hotel to talk (no need to say what was the main topic of our discussions), went to the restaurant and then we took an Uber to go to the club. When we got there, I joined Le Justus (youtuber) who was already there and also met some subscribers which was cool 🙂
We made sure we were on the front row aaaand Les Twins arrived at around 2am!
Here’s a recap:

They danced, it was AMAZING. The freestyles were awesome but also the fact that it was very long, much longer than the other times I saw them. Usually they dance for about 40 minutes I would say, but this time they kept on dancing, every time there was a song they wanted to dance to: they were coming back, again and again and again.

If you watched the video, you know that Larry was sitting on the stage at one point and I was right next to him and I nearly died.
Unlike the other times, I didn’t get to approach Larry as much because there were sooo many people, and it was crazy in the crowd when Les Twins were taking pictures, BUT on their way to leave the club, Larry saw me and told me “See you next time” while hugging me awwww, it made my night even more.

That’s it! They left at around 4am, we went back to the hotel to pick up our bags and then took the train right away without sleeping aaand I was back home.

I hope to see them again SOON, and also that YOU meet them if you haven’t yet because they’re worth it!