LIVE STREAMING 38 Hours in LA for KOD World Cup

So I’m headed to LA in about 12 hours from now to see Team France kill the competition at the KOD World Cup! I’ll be live streaming as much as I can during the trip so keep an eye on this page:

There you can watch without needing to sign up or download anything. But if you follow me on the app it will notify you whenever I go live and you can make comments or ask me questions that i’ll see while i stream.
Get the Periscope app here:


I’m landing at LAX only a little before the start of Semi-Finals at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood so I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but I’ll do my best (read: drive like a maniac to get there). I have floor tickets for the Finals on Friday which will be nuts I’m sure, but I’m ready!!
Check out the live stream and say hi!