Shaunda | Atlanta Workshop

“I met Les Twins earlier this year at the workshop in ATL! Being only a fan since last year I had a feeling that I would eventually meet them this year and it happened. With so much going on in my life I almost wasn’t able to go but I prayed hard about it but I really wanted to meet them. I would say that my first workshop experienced wasn’t what I had hoped but getting a chance to see them dance right in front of me was amazing. I felt like if even took my eyes off of them for a second I would miss a step. I have them gifts, Zelda hats! Larry was really thankful for it and unfortunately I was not able to personally give Laurent his gift so I gave it to Eleni. I was very lucky to even get a picture with them separately because of all the chaos. Although the workshop wasn’t as organized as i would have hoped, I finally got to meet them and see them dance in person. Hoping that the next workshop I attend will be even better for me 😊😊”